The Peace Barn


Spanning over fifteen-acres of land, The Peace Barn is located in Deep River, Connecticut at the mouth of the Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River.  It is owned and operated by Daya Soudan and her partner Terry Anderson, and has been home to sisterhood gatherings for nearly four decades.  In addition to the variety of natural landscapes, the property encompasses many manmade additions including an outdoor stage, dock, gazebo, hammock, fire pit, and over a mile in trails.

Originally constructed as an oxen barn in 1880, it was purchased in 1973 and entirely renovated by the Soudan Family with found wood and recycled stained glass to create the incredible haven it is today.  Since its dawn, its inhabitants have been engaged with the land in an effort to honor the history of the property and its ancestors.  

As a spiritual leader and healer, Daya Soudan has dedicated her entire life to sharing her knowledge of medicinal herbs, Yoga, dance, and meditation in order to help others find their own path to joy.  The Peace Barn has been the devotional host of over one thousand womyn to date.  A movement artist in her own right; Daya is the founder of the improv collective The Wild Angels, whose practice takes flight across the property and has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

Passing the torch to her daughter, Viva Soudan has returned to her childhood home to combine her personal language of dance with her interest in site-specific choreography.  With this evolution, The Peace Barn aims to expand to a broader audience.  Joined by her collaborator and fellow performance artist Bailey Nolan, BuoyRR continues a forty-year tradition of hosting sisterhoods and charging the land with divine feminine energy.